How to order ?

1) If you wish to order, please call us at 0041 27 566 71 72, or just send us an e-mail. In this e-mail, you must give us the following details :

- The item you wish and the quantity

- Method of dispatch: 1. Storage in Switzerland 2. Withdrawal in Switzerland. 3. Shipping to your country.

- Your personal information in order to fill out the bill : Name, first name, phone number, e-mail and mailing address.

2) We send you an e-mail with your bill, which you must send us back within one hour and with your signature on it. In order to do this, you may print the bill, sign it, scan it and send it by e-mail.

=>If you choose the storage option, we will send you the storage contract, which you will send us back with your signature on it. You can download this contract here.
=>If the amount of your order is greater than 25,000 CHF, you must send us by e-mail:

a) A certified true copy of your ID or passport.

b) The filled and signed moneylaundering-law form. This form can be downloaded here.

3) You make the bank transfer within 24 hours.

4) When we receive the transfer, we shall send your order with the bill.

Method of dispatch


Delivery made by FedEx, the world’s leading conveyor, safe transport to your home by registered mail and with insurance covering 100% of the value of the goods during transport. Shipping charges on demand (indicate the weight of your order and your postal code). Goods are subjected to VAT and customs charges of your country.


You receive the goods in Sion, Switzerland. The sale of gold ingots which you withdraw in Switzerland is subjected to Swiss VAT (8%), but zero-rated for foreign VAT, as long as the goods stay in Switzerland.


We stock your metal in Switzerland for you, in a high-security place, in a discreet manner. This has a double advantage : firstly your goods are exempted from foreign VAT and from customs duties as long as they remain there and secondly they are under good guard, in a country that is politically stable and favorable to investors. The storage costs are low : yearly charges add up to 1% of the value of your goods (2011 = 9,90CHF/kg/year inclusive of all taxes)


Means of payment

We accept bank transfers only (we recommend SEPA transfers)

- All transfers must be made in Swiss francs (CHF), because every bill made by Euporos is denominated in CHF.

- You must pay within 24 hours.

Our account ID

BENEFICIARY : Euporos SA, rue de Lausanne 108, CH-1950 SION

IBAN : CH13 8057 2000 0094 9710 6


BANK CODE : 80572

BANK ADDRESS : Banque Raiffeisen, rue des Tonneliers 5, CH-1950 Sion 2


a) If you choose to have the goods sent to your country

The goods that are exported out of Switzerland are zero-rated for Swiss VAT (article 23,paragraph 2, number 1 of Federal Law about VAT)

Any order that is delivered out of Switzerland could be subjected to possible customs duties and taxes of the country of the buyer, taxes and duties that may be imposed when the parcel arrives at its destination. These possible duties and taxes are payable by you and you may be held responsible for them. If you want to know about them, please obtain information from the competent authorities of your country.

Gold buying is not subjected to VAT, but to possible customs duties and taxes of the country of the buyer.

b) If you choose to withdraw or to store the goods in Switzerland

Silver ingots that you have acquired in Switzerland or that are stored there are subjected to Swiss VAT (8%), but are zero-rated for foreign VAT as long as they remain in Switzerland.