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Overview of a Juni'OR savings account

Overview of a juni'OR savings account

A Juni'OR savings account is like any other young person's savings account. It is, in fact, designed specifically for children and adolescents, and benefits from bonuses exclusively reserved for young savers. But the big difference is that a normal savings account is based on «paper money», whereas with a Juni'OR saving account savings are made in precious metals, gold and silver ingots or coin, physically stored in Switzerland.

Parents or grandparents can open a Juni'ORaccount for a child, in the child's name. They choose the age, 18, 21 or 25 when the child can manage the account themselves and freely dispose of the balance, but up until that time they are responsible for managing the account. During this period no withdrawals may be made from the Juni'OR account, this not only protects the child but also the savings made by the family.

The Juni'OR account balance can be made up of three types of asset: gold, silver or Swiss Francs. The balance can freely swap from one type of asset to another, but remains blocked on the account.

A money box full of gold and silver

A child's future is prepared over the long term. Investments must be safe, resist currency devaluation and increase in value over time. The ideal solution, therefore, is to save and invest in precious metals.

Gold and silver bullion are not affected by a banking crisis, hyperinflation, or by monetary reform. Precious metals have always been a safe haven investment. They not only keep your child's savings secure, but also making them grow, thereby ensuring an even better future for your child.

Simple and easy account management

Opening a Juni'OR account is simple and easy to do. With one unique password, parents, or grandparents, can manage their own account as well as the Juni'OR account of their children, or grandchildren.

There is no minimum or maximum order and savings can be made as desired.

The precious metals stored by Euporos SA, or the Swiss Francs, are credited to the Juni'OR account. You can sell back to Euporos SA all or part of the precious metal balance on the account, and the Juni'OR account will be credited with the sales proceeds.

Useful information

You can also make an «advance payment», which will be credited to the Juni'OR account and used either for a future purchase or to cover storage costs.

Discrete title transfer

The title to the assets is transferred discretely and privately: even the lucky beneficiary need not be made aware of the surprise in store organised by the family, as the family are managing the account! Your donations to your children, or grandchildren, may be subject to income or inheritance tax, depending on your country of residence, but there are usually exemptions and limits. Euporos SA does not make tax declarations on client investments. It is up to you be informed of the pertinent legislation in your country and conform its requirements.


When you open a Juni'OR account, the company credits it with a gift of 100 Swiss Francs, to be used as part of the first order of precious metals. In January of each year, the company offers a bonus relative to the savings made during the previous year: for each 1,000 Swiss Francs of purchases made during the previous year, Euporos SA offers the child a gift of 10 Swiss Francs to be used as part of future purchases. On top of this, the child will receive a surprise gift when they reach the age when they can manage the account themselves.

Child account management

The savings and profits accumulated over the years will be put into the hands of the young adult when they arrive at the age chosen by their parents, or grandparents, to manage the account themselves, either at 18, 21 or 25. At that time the Juni'OR account will be transformed into a normal client account, and the assets and balance will be unblocked and available to be used as desired.

Account changes

a) Change of account holder: If the child dies while the Juni'OR account is still under management, the account will be closed and the assets will belong to the child's heirs, and available to be used as desired.

b) Change of account manager: The Juni'OR account will remain active until the child reaches the age stipulated to manage the account themselves. If one parent dies, the other parent will be solely responsible for managing the account. If both parents die, the account will be managed by the child's legal guardian. If the parents divorce, the account will be managed by the parent who gained custody of the child. If one of the grandparents dies, the surviving grandparent continues to manage the account. If both grandparents die, the account will be managed either by the child's parents or legal guardian.

Necessary Documents

To open a Juni'OR account, the parent or grandparent must prove the identity of the child, either by an identity card, birth certificate extract or other acceptable form of identity. They must also provide proof of their family relation to the child through an official family book or other such acceptable document.

Any such change must be justified by an accompanying administrative or legal document.