How to order ?

1. Create your customer account for free

To place an order, simply create your customer account for free by clicking here.

2. Order quickly

The ordering process is simple. It takes place in four stages:

My cart> Delivery and payment method> Identification> Confirmation

  • Select your products and quantity that will appear in "My Cart".
  • Choose your "delivery and payment method"
  • Log in to your customer account or create it.
  • Validate your command
Once the order has been placed, we automatically generate the invoice on your customer account.

=> If you order for CHF 25,000 or more: the status of your customer account will change from "Registered" to "In Verification". You will then need to upload the following two documents:a copy of your identity document or certified passport (signed by lawyer, bank, post office, notary)the completed and signed AML form. This form is available on your customer account. You must print it, sign it and send it back to us.

3. Make the payment (transfer, cash, CB)

Four possibilities: 1 ° transfer, 2 ° to have on customer account, 3 ° cash, 4 ° credit card.

  • By bank transfer, you must give the transfer order within 24 hours, it being understood that then the transfer of funds from one bank to another will take about three business days. Please specify to your bank that transfer fees are the responsibility of the client ("OURCOST" option).
  • Thanks to your credit on the customer account, the flow is done automatically.
  • In cash: please contact us immediately to make an appointment on Geneva Airport.
  • By credit card on our secure internet platform, or on site in Sion.=> Good to know: Any customer has the opportunity to transfer us an "advance", which will be registered on his account, and with which he will be able to pay a future purchase, or expenses of storage. When you transfer a large amount of money in advance, in order to settle several invoices over time, you avoid the multiplication of bank transfer fees and you also save time, since each amount due is automatically debited from your account.

BENEFICIAIRE : Euporos SA, Pré-Bois 29, 1215 Genève Suisse
IBAN : CH13 8057 2000 0094 9710 6
ADRESS : Banque Raiffeisen, avenue de la gare 6, 1950 Sion Suisse

4. Delivery or Safe storage


We physically store for you your metal in Switzerland, in a place under high security, in all discretion and outside the banking system. Two major advantages: You have no risk of having your bullion stolen and you save the VAT of the country of destination. The cost of storage is minimal: the annual fee is 1% excluding taxes of the value of your deposit. Thanks to the insurance, you are 100% covered.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of storage.


Shipping by carrier, safe delivery to your home, Express, registered and with an optional insurance covering 100% of the value of the goods during all transport.


You come to pick up the goods on site (Monday to Friday 9 hs to 16h): Loomis, 5 route des Moulières, CH-1217 Meyrin SWITZERLAND. call us before to confirm).

=> VATIf you are delivered to your country: goods exported from Switzerland are exempt from the Swiss VAT 7.7%, but are subject to VAT, duties and customs fees of the country of destination (the purchase of gold is not subject to VAT in Switzerland. If you choose the on-site pick-up or storage in Switzerland: the metals taken to the site or stored in Switzerland are subject to Swiss VAT of 7.7%, but exempt from the foreign VAT as long as they remain in Switzerland (the purchase of gold is not subject to VAT). More information in our FAQ.

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