Terms of the Juni’OR account (JUN)

Conditions changed on 31 Dec 2018, French version will be translated shortly


The Juni’OR account is a metals account intended for children and adolescents, who benefit from features reserved exclusively for them until they reach the age of majority. The capital payments are safeguarded by investing them in physical precious metals, stored in Switzerland by Euporos SA.


  • 1. The parents (as holders of parental authority) or third parties may create or close a Juni’OR account for a child, in the child’s name. They will manage the account until the youth has reached the age of majority (18). The manager of the Juni’OR account has direct access to the Juni’OR account from his/her own customer account.
  • 2. At age 18, the Juni'OR account automatically turns into a customer account, and the young adult will have the right of disposal over this account or the physical precious metals stored in Switzerland by Euporos SA.
  • 3. Change of ownership: In the event of the death of the child, the Juni’OR account will be closed and the assets will belong to his heirs, who may dispose of them as they wish.
  • 4. Change of manager: The Juni'OR account will remain active until the age of majority. In the event of the death of either parent, the survivor will be the sole manager (an inventory of the child's goods must be conducted by the guardianship authority, see art. 318 of the Swiss Civil Code). If both parents die, the legal guardian will administer it. If the parents divorce, the manager will be the one with custody of the child. If the third party dies, the management is passed to the parents or to a legal guardian.
  • 5. Documents to be provided: To create a Juni'OR account, you must provide the child's identifying details (identity card or extract from birth certificate) and establish the parental or grandparental link (family record book). Any change of ownership or manager must be supported by an administrative or legal document. Euporos SA may demand any other legally necessary document.


  • 1. If the Juni’OR account is created by the holder of parental authority or by a third party, no withdrawal is possible until the child reaches the age of majority (art. 318 and following of the Swiss Civil Code). Third parties expressly waive the right to make withdrawals from this account until the child beneficiary reaches the age of majority.
  • 2. It is possible to accumulate precious metals in the Juni’OR account. The assets as well as any income of the minor must remain deposited with Euporos SA (with the exception of art. 3019 of the Swiss Civil Code) so long as the minor has not reached the age of majority.
  • 3. The precious metals in the Juni’OR account are stored by Euporos SA, for a fee defined in the “storage contract” (SC). A positive balance in Swiss francs (credit linked to the Juni’OR account) does not bear interest.


Estate transfer (gifts to children from parents or third parties) via the Juni’OR account may be subject to transfer tax due in the country of residence, but there may be exemptions for up to certain amounts. Euporos SA does not have to file tax returns, because that is the responsibility of the parental or third-party manager.


  • 1. When a Juni’OR account is created, the company gives a gift voucher worth 100 Swiss francs valid against the first precious metal order.
  • 2. Every January, the company offers a bonus based on the investment effort in the previous year: per tranche of 1,000 francs of purchases made in the previous year, Euporos SA offers the child a 10 franc credit.
  • 3. A surprise high-value gift will be given at the age of majority, on the occasion of his first adult purchase.


  • 1. Any subsequent modifications to a Storage Contract decided by Euporos SA must be displayed on the company’s website. The customer’s silence during the following four weeks will be deemed tacit acceptance of the amended terms. If the manager expresses his disagreement in writing, Euporos SA will give the child the benefit of unchanged terms until 31 December of the current year, but may close the Juni’OR account before that date.