Terms of Repurchase (RP)

Conditions changed on 31 Dec 2018, French version will be translated shortly


  • § 1. Irrevocable agreement: The seller is firmly committed without any possibility of withdrawal. The Euporos SA terms of sale (TOS) apply (published on www.euporos.ch).
    The seller that makes its online redemption request via a customer account, click on "current stock" (if there are internal metals, otherwise click on "sell external metal") and then on "request a repurchase", selects items, quantities and payment method, check the acceptance of terms of repurchase (RP). Having reached this point, he can view a pdf quote without obligation, or give its final agreement by pressing the button "validate this repurchase".
    The seller who makes his offline redemption request gives final approval by signing the repurchase contract.
    Any repurchase request needs to be accepted in writing by Euporos SA (which has the right to refuse, without giving reasons) for the transaction to be concluded validly and definitively. The payment is tacit acceptance.
  • § 2. Anti-Money-Laundering Check: The seller declares that the metals are his personal property, that they have not crossed the border smuggling, that they have been declared to the authorities in his country and that he is in compliance with the Law on Anti-Money-Laundering, AML (Loi sur le Blanchiment d’Argent, LBA).
  • § 3. Guarantee of transaction: Euporos SA guarantees that the payment order will be given no later than twenty business days following the receipt of the repurchase request sent by the seller from its customer account or the contract signed by the seller at the counter.
  • § 4. If the buyer is another customer of Euporos SA: The buyer has granted power to an authorised representative acting for Euporos SA to validate the purchase contract. If, in addition to the sum owed to the seller, the buyer owes a “transaction commission” to the financial intermediary Euporos SA, the commission will be invoiced separately.
  • § 5. Internal or external provenance of metals: If the metals to be purchased were acquired previously by the seller from Euporos SA (“internal” provenance), a preferential purchase rate will be applied. If the metals to be purchased come from elsewhere ("external" provenance), the normal rate is used.