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A Juni’OR account is a stored-precious-metals account in the name of a young person. It is intended for children and adolescents, who benefit from features reserved exclusively for young people. It is not a “paper money” bank savings book, as the Juni’OR account is intended for the accumulation of precious metals: gold and silver in the form of ingots or coins, physically stored in Switzerland.

Parents, grandparents or a third party (for example, a sponsor or friend) can open a Juni’OR account for a child, in their name. They thus become the managers of this account until the age of majority (18), from which time the youth, now an adult, can dispose of it as he wishes. Before the age of 18, the assets must remain in the Juni’OR account, which means that withdrawals cannot be made, in order to protect not only the child but also the economic effort of his family and relatives.

A Piggy Bank Filled With Gold And Silver

A child’s future means preparing for the long term. Children need a solid investment, that resists inflation and grows in value over time. The ideal solution is an investment in precious metals.

Physical gold and silver have nothing to fear from bank crashes, hyperinflation, or monetary reform. Always a refuge value, an investment of this type allows you not only to secure your children's purchasing power, but above all to build solid capital and thus assure them a more peaceful future.

Simple And Easy Account Management

The Juni’OR account is simple and fast to create. With a single unique password, parents (or third parties) can manage their own customer account as well as their children's Juni'OR accounts.

There is no minimum or maximum order and you can buy precious metals at your own pace. The metals are stored by Euporos SA, outside the banking system, in a high-security place in Switzerland.


You can send us an "advance", which will be recorded on the Juni’OR account, which you can use to pay a future purchase, or storage fees.

  • Estate transfers done discreetly

    Estate transfers are done with utmost discretion : even the happy beneficiary is not required to be aware of the nice surprise his ancestors had prepared, because they are the ones who manage the account! Your gifts to children or grandchildren may be subject to transfer tax payable in your country of residence, but there are exemptions for up to certain amounts. Euporos SA will file no tax returns, because it is up to you to obtain information about the laws in your country and to carry out the prescribed legal formalities.

  • Benefits

    When a Juni’OR account is created, the company gives a gift voucher worth 100 Swiss francs valid against the first precious metal order. Every January, the company offers a bonus based on the investment effort in the previous year: per tranche of 1,000 francs of purchases made in the previous year, Euporos SA offers the child a 10 franc credit. A surprise high-value gift will be given at the age of majority, on the occasion of his first adult purchase.

  • Age of majority

    Le fruit de l’effort de tant d’années sera mis entre les mains du jeune adulte, lorsqu’il aura atteint l’âge d’autogestion (18 ans). Son compte Juni’OR se transformera alors en compte client, et il aura la libre disposition de ses actifs.

  • Transfers

    a) Change of ownership: In the event of the death of the child, the Juni’OR account will be closed and the assets will belong to his heirs, who may dispose of them as they wish.

    b)  Change of manager: The Juni'OR account will remain active until the age of majority. In the event of the death of either parent, the survivor will be the sole manager. If both parents die, the legal guardian will administer it. If the parents divorce, the manager will be the one with custody of the child. If either grandparent dies, the survivor will continue it. If both die, the management is passed to the parents or to a legal guardian.

  • Documents to be provided

    To create a Juni'OR account, you must provide the child's identifying details (identity card or extract from birth certificate) and establish the parental or grandparental link (family record book).

All transfers must be supported by an administrative or legal document.

Secure the future of your children